What’s the effect of culture on self concept?

Team: Dr Lillian Smyth & students (in progress)

Photo by Andrew Butler on Unsplash

Once you’ve been looking at self concept structure a while, an inevitable question arises: where does all of this come from? what determines the shape, content and structure of the self? We have established that there is substantive variation, but what drives that?? One possible vector is culture. Culturally speaking, we all grow up awash in expectations for how we relate to others and how we think about ourselves. Are there culture-based norms for how the self concept is structured, in terms of contextual variation vs consistency? Is there culture-based variation in the compositional breakdown of the self in terms of group memberships vs roles vs relationships vs contexts? Funded by an ANU College of Health and Medicine TRANSFORM Career Development Fellowship, we’ve set off to find out.

Watch this space

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